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Has anyone suggested MultiTwitch to Rob? 
I wouldn't know how best to direct this towards Robs attention, nor do I have the confidence to come out of my lurkership and wave at anyone on more populated forums and such, but MultiTwitch seems like it could be something for them to consider? As a means for sharing viewership. I mean, I'd love to be able to watch multiple viewpoints, especially if each player had different things going on with their overlays or such. Some people wouldn't be able to stream so much data at once, maybe most, but it'd be something to consider maybe.
I watch TTT and other YouTube series on multiple windows alot, though I have to eyeball it a bit with timing etc.
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Campaign Plot Summaries

When recaping the events of the campaigns, we need to agree on a constant verb tense. I think the easiest (for our large and somewhat younger fanbase) might be the passive past tense, common to a campfire storytelling style.
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Items' and Abilities' pages?

Does each item and ability deserve its own page, or should we lump them all together?
I feel like ability pages should be individual, but there are loads of items, many of which haven't been touched yet
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What on Earth do I name the page for Justin's character?

"Bumbley / Dwarf Number Three / Kobold Number Four / K4" seems a bit ridiculous
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