Kobolds are a race of short, furry creatures of average intelligence.

Description Edit

Kobolds' fur is covered in rocks and mud, to help them better blend in with the mountain environments they inhabit. The diet of Kobolds is not very well defined, but it is clear that they eat gems.

Kobolds communicate primarily in the common tongue. They will also speak to eachother in a "language" which consists solely of the word "Kobold" being said at different inflections, but none of them understand this language, and they claim to just do it for fun.

"Kobold Kobold Kobold Kobold" - Every Kobold
Kobolds have a long-standing feud with Dwarves.

Sub-Races Edit

Groundbolds are a sub-race of kobold in the original Unforgotten Realms, whether or not they will appear in URL is not yet known.

Abilities Edit

Notable Kobolds Edit

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